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Battery Brothers

A Novel 

Elephant's Bookshelf Press

The physical scars are bad…

The emotional ones are worse…

Sometimes, quitting feels better. Easier.

Andy didn’t care if it seemed weak. Maybe his dad as right about him, and maybe that’s why his mother had taken a hot iron to his face when he was just 2 years old. Weak.

But he and his younger brother Daniel, the kid whose fastball made major league scouts drool, had their hearts set on winning a state championship together. And this was the team that could do it.

Still, when life keeps playing dirty, is the crack of the bat and the sound of the ball hitting the mitt enough to remind you how much you love the game?

Even people who aren’t baseball fans love this book, because everyone roots for an underdog who is willing to face the most challenging opponents.

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Tales from the Bully Box

A Collection of Short Stories / Various Authors

Elephant's Bookshelf Press

In Tales from the Bully Box, you will find short stories about kids just like you. They get bullied, and sometimes they even bully.

But most of the time, they are bystanders who have to figure out what to do when they witness the bullying all around them.

Filled with stories that take readers on a journey from the classroom to summer camp, and the basketball court to the mall, Tales from the Bully Box inspires kids to be the best friends they can be.

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Southpaw Sully

A Novel

Elephant's Bookshelf Press

After an accident took his own hand and his twin brother’s life, fourteen-year-old Sully is determined to learn how to pitch as a right-hand amputee. Sully’s aim is to realize the big dream he and his bro used to share: to bring home a first-ever youth baseball championship for their town in a local annual tournament.

As Sully leads his team on an exciting Cinderella run in the tournament, a bully from a rival team will stop at nothing to ensure there’s no fairytale ending. When a distressing situation unfolds, Sully must choose between the game he loves and being there for his family.

Southpaw Sully_Book cover_Ebook.jpg

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