Reviews for Battery Brothers

Friday Night Lights meets baseball in this edgy coming-of-age story about overcoming adversity and personal tragedy. Andy and Daniel Lembo are in high school and baseball is their life. Ever since they were kids, they dreamed of winning the baseball championship together with Daniel pitching and Andy catching. Being Andy's senior year, this is their last chance, but the road to the championship is a little rocky. Daniel is the golden boy, popular at school and talented enough to be recruited by colleges. Andy struggles with his abusive mother, a father who alternates between ignoring and denigrating him, and difficulties at school. Andy works hard on the baseball team, putting up with abuse from rivals, while improving his game. Andy and Daniel are close and their relationship is heart-warming, but it's also clear they are just a pair of goofy high school boys. In a freak accident, Andy loses his biggest supporter and his reason to play ball, and his world collapses. Despite the odds, Andy claws back, finds focus and direction, and decides to take control of his life. The characters are the best thing about this book, which is geared toward baseball fans.


--Publishers Weekly

“Searing, honest and real. Andy’s story is one that sticks.”


-Riley Redgate, author